Benefits of Going for Pre-Owned Cars in Dubai

benefitsA lot of drivers dream of buying a luxury car to some point. Some want a sporty red convertible while others prefer a refined ride, but ultimately, they come back to reality. The price of such an exclusive car suggests that most drivers will have to settle for the daydream, unless they look for a pre-owned cars dealer offering used cars. The good news is that there is always a Dubai showroom that can cater to their needs.

Here are just some of the advantages of choosing pre-owned luxury car dealers.


Passenger vehicles have gotten much safer, but advanced safety features are more likely to be found in luxury vehicles. In accordance with Consumer Reports, over two-thirds of the cars featuring curtain airbags, anti-lock brakes, side-front airbags, and traction and stability control cost more than $30,000. Not surprisingly, high-end vehicles constantly get higher safety ratings than their less luxurious counterparts.

Outstanding Condition

In the automotive world, it is a general rule that a used Range Rover in Dubai or a used Mercedes in Dubai age better than economy cars. The two reasons for this is that they are better made and their owners tend to take better care of them. This only implies that these cars are in excellent shape when they are ultimately sold or traded in for a new model. Hence, the second owner reaps the rewards at little extra expense.

Better Value

Though they retain their value better than ordinary cars, pre-owned ones still depreciate at an implausible rate. After five years of ownership, they lose around 50 percent their original value on average. Getting away of that depreciation is one of the major advantages of buying used cars. In fact, after those first five years, the rate of depreciation likely stabilizes. As such, the car’s resale value remains reasonably high.

Latest Technology

Renowned for having all the additional bells and whistles, luxury rides come with the latest in safety and entertainment technology. Features such as in-headrest TV screens, remote starters, rain-sensing windshield wipers, Bluetooth, electronic parking aids, and Wi-Fi often come standard on high-end models. Even if the car is a few years old, it must include more of the aforementioned features than a brand-new economy vehicle.

More Power

The great thing about high-end cars is that even if they are not sports cars, they constantly offer more power than non-deluxe models. Another survey from Consumer Reports found that cars priced under $30,000 rarely have over 300 horsepower. By comparison, a huge percentage of luxury models had at least 300 horses under the hood. In addition, upgrading the engine to meet that threshold is not necessary, because a bigger and more powerful motor comes standard in most high-end models. It is also worth mentioning that refined rides are now leading the way in fuel efficiency. Though some brands are lagging behind, several others offer better gas mileage than those designed for the masses.

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