Secrets Behind Range Rover HSE’s Superb Capability


A highly popular Land Rover model, the HSE is truly legendary. From its stylish design, cutting-edge interior features, superior performance and impressive off-road capability, it is simply a force to be reckoned with in every aspect.

If you are an adventurous off-roader, the following features are what you need to be grateful for:

  • Low Traction Launch – This dedicated launch functionality enables the HSE to pull away smoothly even on low-friction surfaces.
  • All Terrain Progress Control (ATCP) – This advanced system enables drivers to set and maintain a stable speed in challenging driving conditions. It operates like a cruise control system and functions at extremely low speeds between 2kph and 30kph, enabling the driver to maintain concentration on steering and find a path through obstacles.
  • Gradient Release Control – This feature prevents the HSE from running away on an incline when the driver unintentionally releases the brake.
  • Wade Sensing – Perfect for off-roading addicts, this assists the driver when crossing fords, streams, and flooded roads, by utilizing sensors in the door mirrors and notifying the driver if the water is extremely deep. What’s great about this feature is that it offers real-time pictorial wading information, including the water’s depth in relation to the vehicle, as well as its maximum wading capability via the touchscreen.
  • Terrain Response 2 system – Featuring an all-aluminum body and signature Land Rover performance, this technology tracks driving conditions and automatically enhances traction and drivability by adapting the responses of the HSE’s gearbox, engine, center differential and chassis systems to meet the demands of the terrain.

These are just some of the few secrets behind the HSE’s impressive capability. The Elite Cars is one of the leading Dubai car dealers where you can find this built-tough luxury SUV. Offered from only AED 185 per day, this is the best Land Rover Dubai deal on the market.  To ensure your satisfaction, we offer it with accessories such as side steps, black top, 21” rims, black side mirrors, black side grills, black door handles, black bumper, and vent grills. However, terms and conditions apply.

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