Velar Land Rover

Range Rover Velar Configurator Shows You How To Double The Base Price Past $100k

With the arrival of the new Velar, Land Rover has plugged a gap in its luxury line between the Evoque (which starts just over $40k) and the Range Rover Sport (from $65k) – to say nothing of the flagship Range Rover (from $85k).

Starting at $49,900, the Range Rover Velar does exactly that. But after playing around with the new online configuration utility, as our friends at Motor1 point out, it’s clear that the middle child of the Range Rover family can easily surpass its bigger brothers in terms of price.

For starters, the Velar will launch in the United States with a special First Edition. Positioned above the base, S, SE, R-Dynamic SE, and R-Dynamic HSE models, the First Edition packs all the bells and whistles, including the 3.0-liter supercharged V6 – for $89,300.

Even that price can easily be inflated, though. Select the right options – including the $8,580 Flux Silver matte paintjob – and you can add nearly $13k to the bottom line, which (along with the $995 destination charge) can push the price up into six figures at $103,265 (as depicted in these images). That’d be more than enough to put you into a penultimate Range Rover Sport Autobiography ($94,450), and almost enough for the $111,350 SVR.

Though the price for a fully optioned-out Velar could also get you into a base Range Rover, it wouldn’t get you very far up the list of the flagship model: the middle-of-the-line Supercharged model starts at $103,895, and the long-wheelbase version just gets started at $108,895 – and tops out at $200k for the SVAutobiography.

None of that is to say that Land Rover has got the pricing strategy wrong. Some customers would likely object if they couldn’t get some of those pricier options on the model they want. But it does put the latest luxury sport-ute into perspective vis-a-vis its own stablemates.


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