Used Cars Dubai

Reasons to Purchase a Pre-Owned Car in Dubai

When planning to purchase a vehicle, it is quite tempting to choose from the newest models specially if you want a luxury car. However, there’s a number of good reasons why you should check out pre owned cars in Dubai instead.

  1. Save Money – This is the most obvious reason to purchase a used one. According to the estimate of most auto traders, a newly bought vehicle will lose around 19 percent of its value after a year. In addition, insurance tends to cost less for a pre-owned car as do fees related to ownership such as lower registration fees.
  2. Get More Upscale Features – A new car that costs AED 75,000 will have fairly standard features, while a used one with the same price will likely have more high-end details, like an improved leather upholstery or stereo system.
  3. More Selection – Second hand cars in Dubai come in all makes and models, some even with the most state-of-the-art features and most luxurious styling.

If you are into luxury cars such as Bentley, Rolls-Royce or Jaguar, there’s no better way to own them than to buy from a car dealer in Dubai offering a huge stock of pre-owned vehicles. Drop by The Elite Cars today!


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