How to Buy a Range Rover for Less Money?

For most of us, a car is more than just a means of transport. It reflects our lifestyle and passion. If the car is a stunning SUV called the Range Rover, then it definitely reflects class and comfort! A luxury 4-wheel drive, the Range Rover is also the epitome of grace and strength. It is manufactured by the British car brand Land Rover.

Launched in 1970, the SUV is in its 4th generation as of now, and is being developed as a premium model for Land Rover. It would be interesting to know a little more about the car:

1st generation Range Rover (1970-1996)

The early Range Rovers had basic interiors with vinyl seats and dashboards that could be washed down using a hosepipe. Later, some features such as carpeted flooring, power steering, air conditioning, upholstered seats, and wooden interior trims were added. Specialist utility vehicles were conceptualized from the 1st generation Range Rovers.

2nd generation Range Rover (1994-2002)

The 2nd generation Range Rover was introduced for the 1995 model year with an updated engine. It was launched 25 years after the 1st generation Range Rover was introduced. It was the first model to include Satellite Navigation as an option.

This model was the last to feature the Rover V8 engine and interior leather.

3rd generation Range Rover (2002-2012)

In 2002, the Range Rover model moved further up-market. The third generation model shared components and systems with the 7 Series (E38). It was planned that way to accommodate BMW’s M62 V8 engines in their future makes. The 7 Series electronics system was replaced with the electronics from the BMW E39 5 Series.

4th generation Range Rover (2012 onwards)

Codenamed L405, the 4th generation Range Rover was introduced in September 2012 at the Paris Motor Show.


The diesel-powered Range Rover hybrid electric model was showcased at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2013.

After hearing the glorious past of Range Rover if you desire to own this SUV, but the price tag is a bit too high for you, then there is some good news. You need not spend your life savings to own this great vehicle.

You can consider buying this luxury SUV through an online car auction for used cars. A wide range of used cars are available at such auctions with low pricing. In fact, you can save thousands of dollars if you buy a damaged Range Rover by an online salvage auto auction. Such auctions list collision damaged, storm-wrecked, theft recovered as well as repossessed cars at low prices. While most of these cars need massive repair, one can do some research and find a reasonably good car as well. Especially if one has access to the tools and skills required to restore vehicles, investing in damaged Range Rover for sale could be a profitable foray.

One can search online to find various websites holding online car auctions. It is advisable to register on a reputed website and participate in the online auction. These auctions are reliable, safe and open to all.

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