The Joy of Owning a Land Rover

Land Rover has something about it which makes it the ultimate adventure explorer. Be it the compactness or the radical styling or the interiors or the brand name in itself, it is one the most desirable vehicle that anyone would crave to own. Each of its models are intricately engineered and designed by special teams and operations, whether they are performance models or luxury editions.

Jaguar Land Rover

Two units of Range Rover Evoque (2016) have been imported by Jaguar Land Rover to India. Pure and Dynamic are the two variants which are on their way to India and you can be sure that its launch is just round the corner.

Changes Incorporated

Thanks to a restyled bumper, the design change at the front is obvious – bigger air intakes, adaptive head-lamps that are full LED, tweaked grille, etc. Couple of other new additions include a tailgate spoiler, fresh designs of alloy wheel, different LED tail-lamps graphics, etc. The changes are not just restricted to the exteriors but also to the interiors – new seats, door casings, restructured infotainment system that comes with an touch-screen display of 8 inches.

ATPC system

Evoque seems to have borrowed the ATPC system from the larger models of Range Rover, thus making sure that the pre-established speed is maintained in case of riding via rough terrains. Under the hood are some of the most significant changes – Ingenium TD4 turbo diesel engine that is all-aluminium. In comparison to its predecessor, it is 20-30 kg’s lighter and is offered in two tune states – 150bhp & 180bhp.

Exhaust Systems

Land Rover Exhaust is designed with refinement for power and you can always to be sure to get excellent performance along with gas economy. Credit should be given to the fact that all of the standards and unique requirements of Land Rover are perfectly calibrated.

Genuine Exhausts of Land Rover

In order to justify both power and refinement, genuine exhausts of Land Rover are calibrated according to its unique standards, resulting in excellent fuel economy and unbeatable performance. Here is what you need to know:

  • Acoustics – Ensures an acoustic experience that is perfectly optimised as per a wide variety of driving conditions. In order to ensure that there is optimum sound produced, it takes couple of months. To ensure that optimum sound is always produced by the exhaust, it takes several months to get through the development phase.
  • Development -A specialist dynamometer makes the Exhausts of Land Rovergo through 1,000 hours rigorous testing so that various challenging driving conditions are perfectly simulated.


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