Why Range Rover Engines Stand Out In Performance

Range Rovers are part of the rugged SUV four-wheel-drive family created by the British car manufacturer Land Rover. They were first introduced in 1970 and the current model is in its third generation incarnation.

Land Rovers are synonymous with the concept of robust outdoor fun and tough capability in rugged terrain, however they have also become popular with suburbanites families over the years for their comfort and space.

The following article will give you an overview of Range Rover engine capabilities, so you can understand why they’re known for quality.

Origin and Appeal of Range Rovers

By 1970, Land Rover cars already had a substantial history of clambering around the muddy farmlands of the UK, crossing dangerous terrain for military purposes and providing sport for a new breed of adventurous driving enthusiasts. Land Rovers at that time were strictly utilitarian vehicles, with minimal thought to comfort and style.

The company identified however that there would be consumer interest in a new class of vehicle with off-road abilities combined with a touch of class and luxury.

On the 17th of June that year, Land Rover released their first Range Rover, and so began a new era of motoring for the UK. Upon release of the first models, demand quickly outstripped supply – Range Rovers managed to combine so many qualities and abilities in a single vehicle that public appeal was higher than previously expected. Not only were they capable off-roader vehicles with lots of power and torque from a 3.5l engine that delivered speeds of up to 100mph, they offered style and luxury to boot.

Even Prince Charles was given a Lincoln-Green Land Rover on his 21st birthday, and the police went on to add the Range Rover to their fleet.

The Range Rover V8 Engines

The first generation Range Rover was powered by a compact 135 hp (101 kW) internal combustion engine that was originated from the 1961 Buick 215 model. Its aluminium cylinder heads and cylinder block were made entirely from aluminium, making it lighter than many straight four cylinder engines of the period. The V8 engine has even been used in small aircrafts because of their light weight and high power output.

When the MG Rover Group folded in 2005, production stopped on the famous Rover V8 after 40 years. The last Range Rover to have a real Rover V8 was the Rover SD1 Vitesse. It was then replaced by the Rover 827 Vitesse with a 2.7 Honda V6 unit.

The good news for fans of the classic V8 engine is that Land Rover has arranged for production to restart in Weston-Super-Mare under the MCT company – they will continue limited production of the engine for aftermarket and replacement use.

Generation Models

The original Series One Range Rover Classic can be seen at the Land Rover Centre in Huddersfield. Proving these cars are truly built to last, and the second ever vehicle produced is still in service at Cambridge Airport, having been converted into a 6 wheel Fire Tender.

In testimony to the success of the Series One Range Rover released in 1970, it remained largely unchanged until the Series Two was released in 1994. The new model boasted a stronger chassis, new electronic accessories and a newly engineered Electronic Air Suspension (EAS) which could actively control drive height. A new V8 engine was introduced and in addition a new electronically controlled Turbo Diesel was a further option.

The Series Three followed in 2002 and heralded the new BMW ownership by offering the most refined and luxurious Range Rover to date. Initially offered with a V8 BMW Engine straight from its 7 Series, they later switched to a Jaguar 4.2l Supercharged V8, which provides a whopping 400bhp which delivers an impressive 0-60 in just 6.2s!

In 2009, the power of the Range Rover engines soared to new heights with the introduction of a supercharged 5.0l Jaguar V8 – it boasts over 500 horsepower and leverages an astounding 560Nm of torque.


When it comes to Range Rover engines, they’ve truly carved their place in history for reliable performance. It is a testament to both their capability and style that these successfully popular vehicles are the only car to have ever been exhibited at the Louvre as a work of art.

Source: https://goo.gl/YyPLfn

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