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Different Car Safety Features That Can Save Your Life

When shopping for a new vehicle, you have to look for different high-tech features. It would be very helpful for you to look for autonomous systems that can see obstacles in the road, starts braking even before you realize that you are in danger, or predicts the impending crash. This feature is known as forward collision avoidance, and is among the crucial things you must look for if you are considering of buying a new ride.

Latest Safety Features To Consider

Enhanced visibility – There are some luxury cars offering infrared night vision that can alert you if there are obstacles lurking beyond the reach of your headlights. Some even have adaptive headlights that can shift as you are turning so you can see around curves.

Automatic brakes – This is a system that brakes the car so as to prevent collision or perhaps prevent the huge impact from whatever is in front of you. It is predicted that in 5-10 years, this will be one of the standard safety features of cars.

Reverse backup sensors – This equipment will greatly assist you if you are about to collide with something. As you reverse, you will hear frequent beeps as you get closer to something.

Rearview camera – This is a tiny camera that is mounted at the back of the vehicle transmitting an image to your dashboard so it will be a lot easier for you to see objects or people behind you.

Sideview and parking assist – If a car is located in your blind sport, the sensors on the rear bumper can alert you with a light in your side mirror. There are some sideview assist features that will warn you with a beep if you are engaging your turn signal. The parking assist feature, on the other hand, is best for those who hate parallel parking. It detects the parking space’s size, guiding you into the starting position, and allowing you to take your hands off the wheel completely while the computer is backing the vehicle into place. This specific feature can actually help in eradicating plenty of fender benders.

Lane departure warning systems – These can help prevent head-on collisions and other catastrophes. Cameras, infrared, radar, and other sensors will be placed around the vehicle in order to determine its relative position in the lane. If you are leaving your lane, a light will flash and a high-pitched beep will sound. Some car models today alert you through a vibrating steering wheel.

When buying a new car for you and your family, you need to look into its safety features.

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