Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing an Exotic Car

Buying exotic cars in Dubai for the first time? You most probably are excited and nervous at the same time! To prevent any mistakes that might take a toll on your car ownership in the long run, you need to be wise and careful. The following are just some of the things you need to take into account:

Pre-Purchase Inspection (PPI)

Whether you are buying a Lamborghini in Dubai or a Ferrari in Dubai, getting the PPI is a must as getting the vehicle inspected by a professional can help you negotiate a better price or prevent a bad deal altogether. Moreover, the technician who inspects the car will also be able to tell you what will need replacement soon, what service has to be done and the general condition of the car.11

Length of Time the Car Has been Sitting

The parts of a car that sits for a long time without being driven deteriorate. This is particularly an issue with older cars such as old Lotus Esprits and Ferrari 308. Steer clear from vehicles that have been in storage for years, or in the garage waiting for service.

Multiple Owners

Any car that has passed through a number of owners may have abused it on the track or neglected its maintenance needs or have hidden problems that make owners resell it quickly. To enjoy your purchase, it is wise to rely on exotic car dealers in Dubai.

Body Damage

This can be one of the most costly things to repair in a luxury car. Hence, when you are buying, you need to assess the severity of its damage or better yet, purchase only the one that has zero damage.


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