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Why Purchase a Range Rover Especially an Evoque?

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Who would not want to drive a luxury car, especially if it is an iconic brand like Range Rover? Featuring signature design, superior engineering, ultra-modern features and avant-garde technologies, it has been a status symbol for years. If you are searching for second hand cars in Dubai, you will discover in this article why Range Rover in Dubai is a great choice.


Compared to its styling or design, a car’s performance finds more mention in reviews by experts, critics and car enthusiasts. However, among all models, Evoque is an exception as it boasts outstanding design that is being marketed by Range Rover as one of its unique selling points.

In the automaker’s efforts to make it acceptable to its younger market, Evoque’s underpinnings have been shared with Land Rover LR2. The success of the former is a proof of the company’s success as it was able to get the attention of consumers who want a car that gives a feel of Land Rover but without extra bulk and fuel bills.

If you are searching for a used Range Rover for sale, you will never go wrong with the Evoque as this SUV comes with a truly mind-blowing styling with slimmer rear windows and sides.

The Evoque is powered by a 240-hp, 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine with the six-speed automatic transmission that enables for agile and taut handling of this car. Featuring a version of Land Rover’s Terrain Response AWD system and a magnetically controlled suspension, the SUV never loses its poise on city roads as it is on rugged terrains.

Another great thing about this car is that it boasts an acceleration of 60mph from 0mph in 7 seconds flat. Not to mention, this British masterpiece can attain a top speed of 135 and an excellent mileage of 19 miles per gallon on city roads and 28 miles per gallon on highways.

Engine Performance

Powered by a 240-hp, 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, the Evoque delivers an impressive performance on the road. It also comes with the six-speed automatic transmission that enables for its taut and agile handling. Moreover, featuring a version of Land Rover Terrain Response AWD system and an outstanding magnetically controlled suspension, this luxury SUV is perfect on city roads and rough terrains.

There’s a number of car dealers in Dubai offering a wide range of Range Rover vehicles. Whether you are looking for a powerful SUV like Evoque or any other models, you can rest assured to get them. However, to cut down on your expenses, consider dealing with a pre-owned cars dealer.


The Elite Cars is one of the leading luxury car dealers in Dubai . It specializes in dealing with British, German and Italian cars such as Land Rover, BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, Porsche, Ferrari, and Maserati.

5 Range Rover Technologies to Revolutionize The Future of Driving

Luxury Cars Dubai

Aiming to take driving experience to a whole new level, Land Rover’s dedicated team of experts is continuously devising, building and testing new vehicle technologies.

Avant-garde features such as All-Terrain Progress Control and Intelligent Seat Fold technology are already available to Land Rover drivers, but this doesn’t make the British automaker rest on its laurels. The technologies it is currently developing will soon find their way to its future vehicles.

They are as follows:

Pothole Alert

Wherever you are in the world, potholes are an inevitable part of your driving experience. To address this issue, Land Rover is developing and further enhancing its Pothole Alert Technology.

How does this work?

The wheels and underneath the vehicle are equipped with sophisticated sensors that detect potholes and regulate the car’s suspension in just milliseconds. This change is enabled by MagneRide, a high-performance and semi-active suspension control system which responds in real-time to road conditions.

Land Rover’s plan for the future is to take this system further with the installation of advance forward facing stereo digital cameras to scan the road ahead. The goal is to merge this sensory system with self-driving technology in the car, so it can safely guide itself around a pothole it spots in the road ahead.

Once the car encounters a pothole, the location’s data could be shared with other Land Rovers through Connected Car technology. This information sharing will notify other land Rover drivers to the pothole ahead of time, enabling them to avoid it.

Transparent Bonnet

When driving on uneven terrain or steep inclines, being able to see what is in front of your car and the position and angle of your wheels is a huge asset.

Land Rover’s prototype Transparent Bonnet technology is designed to provide the view of the terrain the driver is on, making driving a whole lot safer and easier.

The car’s grille is equipped with cameras that capture data used to feed a Head-Up Display (HUD), hence creating a see through view of the terrain through the engine bay and bonnet, breaking new ground in visual driver assistance. Augmented reality creates the view, which is not only designed for challenging 4×4 off-road driving, but also aimed at helping in the urban environment.

Luxury Cars in Dubai

Driver Wellness Monitoring

When it comes to the development of Land Rover vehicles, driver safety is a top consideration. This is why the future car technologies team of the company has been testing ways to track the driver’s health.

One approach being tested is the use of medical grade sensors in the steering wheel and seat which keep track of the driver’s heart and breathing while driving. Keeping track of these vital signs will imply a sudden change in heart rate or breathing, which may signal danger. In the event of a health emergency, this will prompt the autonomous driving technology to bring the car to a safe stop.

According to Land Rover, the sharing of the car’s GPS co-ordinates with emergency services is also a further extension to the testing its team undertakes and a possible future addition to the automaker’s in-car technology.

LIDAR Pedestrian Detection

A range of high-res lasers are a main component in this collision avoidance system which is currently under testing. State-of-the-art sensor technologies, also called LIDAR, use high-res lasers and radar to determine and measure the distance of objects in the car’s surroundings, and this includes pedestrians.

When an obstacle is detected, the technology becomes active, notifying the driver to potential dangers around the car. In the event that the driver does not respond to the alert, the car will autonomously take over, slowing or bringing itself safely to a stop. Again, the driver will be notified of what is happening and why.

Drivers can anticipate an extra level of observation with this technology, enabling them to easily identify and keep away from danger.

Speed Adjustment

Land Rover’s R&D team always looks for a way to fully maximize safety and comfort for drivers, and this entails ensuring that speed limits are adhered to.

Speed adjustment technology is designed to work by determining set speed limits on the road being travelled and giving an alert to the driver about the approaching change in limit. If required, it can automatically adjust the vehicle’s speed to comply with the limit.


What is it Like to Drive a Rolls-Royce?

Luxury Cars Dubai

It is undeniably true that among the different luxury brands, Rolls-Royce is a name that people from all walks of life would distinguish for being somewhere near the top of exclusivity, quality and cost. The cars of this British automaker are rarely seen on the open roads except in wealthy hotspots such as Dubai, London and Saudi Arabia. In fact, even the majority of car enthusiasts have never gotten the opportunity to get behind the wheel of this high-end car.

So, what really makes a Rolls-Royce special? This luxury brand is a modern version of a coach built car. An expert team of car builders hand build each car, which is special ordered by individual customers with material and color choices they select. This is why the brand caps the number of cars produced annually, which means that showing up at a dealership and impulse buying for one of their cars is impossible.

Get to Know the Ghost Series II

Every car that comes off Rolls-Royce’s production line is very, very expensive. Take the Ghost Series II as an example. This model, which is typically an entry level model, costs between $286,000 – $319,000. According to the company, it is ‘the ultimate business tool for the successful entrepreneur’.

What makes the Ghost special is its discreet technological experience. Drivers can access in-car tech in the back seat through the Spirit of Ecstasy Rotary Controller, which is crystal encased. What’s more, from the flip down displays on the backs of the driver and passenger seats, occupants can go online through the in-car Wifi, file share, access email, and conduct phone and video conference calls. You will also be impressed with the intuitive interface and the technology that recedes into the background to leave the interior clean with buttons.

Luxury Cars in Dubai

Meanwhile, the seats are designed to provide both the driver and occupants with supreme comfort. They come with an updated foam structure that integrates optional massage and heating as well as recline for a quick power nap. Moreover, they are wide and feel more like a lounge chair than just simply a seat in the car.

When it comes to performance, you will not find any flaw in the Ghost as it lives up to the expectations of even the most discerning driver. Thus, no matter how short or long the drive, you will always have a feeling of satisfaction.

If you have always dreamed to own this British car, you can find a number of pre-owned Rolls Royce in Dubaithat are within your reach. By relying on the right car dealer in Dubai that offers the best deals and finance options, you don’t have anything to worry about when financing your vehicle.

What You Need to Know About a Luxury Car

Luxury Cars Dubai

Wealthy people usually have more than one car as they have cars for work and for special occasions. If you are thinking to purchase a new car and step up your drive, then you should go for a luxury car. Searching for one will be as easy as 123 as you can find a number of Dubai car dealers offering both new and used luxury car for sale.

However, you need to know what a luxury car really is so you won’t fall for the false hooks and lines of sales people.

An advanced stereo system and leather seats don’t make a certain car a luxury vehicle. Take note that luxury cars are not built overnight as they need years of design and planning. Hence, the companies worthy to launch these cars are only those who have been in the automotive industry for decades.

Luxury vehicles are costly as they come with a number of extras and they offer an unparalleled driving comfort and quiet ride all the time. You will be able to indulge in first class entertainment due to their advanced in-car features and technologies. Moreover, the body of the car is flawless and no inferior materials are used whatsoever.

Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Jaguar and Lexus are just some of the great examples of luxury cars. However, before you go ahead and buy these vehicles, you need to ask yourself if you can afford one. Luxury automakers imply that if you’re asking for the price of a luxury vehicle before buying it, then that would mean you can’t afford it. The good news is that there are a number of second hand cars in Dubai that you can choose from. Due to the unbelievably high prices of brand new vehicles, buying a pre-owned one is now the trend in the region.

Apart from the price, another thing you need to take into account when purchasing a luxury car is its maintenance. Ask yourself whether you are ready to purchase twice as much gas and you have the time and means to take it to an expensive car workshop for regular checkups.

Luxury Cars in Dubai

A luxury car is a huge investment, so purchasing one requires careful thought and planning. To have a satisfactory and stress-free car buying experience, it would be great to rely on Dubai second hand dealers as they offer flexible finance options, warranty and other complementary offers.


Purchasing a Pre Owned Range Rover Sport or Full-sized?

Luxury Cars Dubai

Range Rover is the perfect example of a luxury SUV as it combines the durability and power of a truck as well as the sleek and innovative control of a smaller vehicle, thus offering the best of both worlds. It comes in both Sport and full-sized models, which fairly look identical. To help you figure out the model that suits your needs and preferences, we will look into the similar and dissimilar features of a used Range Rover in Dubai versus a full-sized model.


Each base model is powered by a 340hp V6 engine, while supercharged models have a 510hp V8 engine. The former gets 17/23 miles per gallon (city/highway) while the latter gets 14/19 miles per gallon. Thanks to the custom 8-speed automatic transmission with 4WD, the vehicle can conquer any type of terrain, as does its traction control tires for snow, sleet, rain and ice. Both the Sport and full-sized models are renowned for their superior off-roading capabilities and 3500kg towing limits, and both are said to reach 60mph in five seconds.

Included in the standard features are 19-inch alloy wheels, dual power front seats, laminated side windows, leather upholstery, a rear passenger entertainment system embedded in the headrests and a panoramic glass roof. Meanwhile, safety features include automatic xenon headlights, voice navigation, backup camera, park assistance, antilock brakes, satellite navigation, and rain sensing wipers. Each model is also equipped with curtain, front side and rear side airbags.

Luxury Cars in Dubai


The Sport is smaller than the full-sized version, but it still has 3-row seating. It also has a “sportier feel” in the interior with more curves and a higher center console. Thanks to the body kit, it provides the exterior with the same sporty, sleek look. The Sport is also noisier and rides harder because of the suspension needed to enhance fast cornering while driving. Moreover, it comes with 8 speakers instead of the 13. Because of its smaller size, and because a number of the standard features of the full-sized version are primarily available as add-on options, the Range Rover Sport is cheaper.

On the other hand, from the name itself, the full-sized Range Rover is bigger than the Range Rover Sport, but it only has two rows of seating. Some of the features included in this version are automated parallel parking, adaptive cruise control, forward-collision warning system, rear cross-traffic alert system, surround view camera, 3D surround sound technology, and tri-zone automatic climate control.

Now that you already know the similarities and differences between the Sport and full-sized version, start searching for a pre-owned Range Rover in Dubai . In doing so, you can own your dream car without spending a fortune.

REVIEW- Land Rover Discovery Sport HSE Luxury is the Ultimate Road Conqueror

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Blending a rugged yet sophisticated exterior design with impressive performance, Land Rover’s Discovery Sport proves to be a winning masterpiece. It comes with a number of state-of-the-art features making it a top pick for those who love off-roading to the moon and back.


The interior exudes the true definition of luxury boasting high quality materials and finishes, with a lavish choice of interior color and trim combinations. Thanks to an authentic wood veneer finisher which comes as standard, it gives both the driver and the passengers a pleasing road trip experience. The ten-way adjustable climate front seats with cooling and heating also improve the cabin for both driver and front passenger.

Land Rover Discovery Sport HSE Luxury Features (Safety)

Another highlight of this SUV is Land Rover’s signature off-road capability including Terrain Response all-terrain progress control and hill-descent control. Driver assistance features consisting of lane-departure warning and autonomous emergency braking improve safety tech levels, while convenience features such as a keyless entry, powered gesture tailgate, rear-view camera, and push-button ignition add to the car’s ease of use.


There is an InControl Touch Pro also comes with next-generation hardware and software that takes the Discovery’s entertainment and connectivity to new heights. Featuring a responsive 10″ Touchscreen enables you to easily control your in-car and media settings, as well as maps via InControl navigation Pro. Combining Meridian™ Sound System, you will experience the best sound listening experience ever as it includes 10 speakers and a dual channel subwoofer, delivering outstanding definition and crystal clear sound.


Adding to the already sophisticated design of the HSE Luxury are 20″ 5 split-spoke ‘Style 5011’ alloy wheels which are finished in silver and feature a stylish, modern design. Plus, the SUV is made even classier with front and rear sculpted LED lighting. Wrapping around the car’s side, they boost safety and visibility.

Luxury Cars in Dubai


The Land Rover Discovery Sport HSE Luxury stands out in a number of ways and is undoubtedly a force to reckon with. However, according to critics, it also has its fair share of flaws such as mediocre acceleration, transmission that is slow to downshift and third-row seat that is only for kids.


It intelligently combines sophisticated design and impressive performance. Though it has some flaws, it still displays an unrivalled off-road might making it the ultimate road conqueror.