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Mercedes-Benz, a Touch of Class

90 years ago, Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler founded the brand “Mercedes-Benz” in Stuttgart, Germany. After the first world war, the economy was so badly affected that the idea of merging and building a partnership was considered something that overcome the climates obstacles. The DMG and Benz & Cie., the then two biggest automobile manufacturers in the world, successfully merged in May 1924, and in 1926, “Mercedes-Benz” was born.

The Mercedes’ tri-star logo represents the company’s dominance over land, sea and air. According to the company, it represents the automaker’s drive toward universal motoring with its engines dominating the land, sea and air. The emblem is a symbol for world domination.

Cars that created history

The Engines of Mercedes cars are of supreme quality. These top quality engines evolved with the evolution of different cars in every era since its first production. Model K was the first car produced, after the two companies merged.

It was incredibly successful and production of Mercedes-Benz cars rose to 7,000 in 1927. Then came the S series with a variety of cars till 1929. In the 30s, the largest and most prestigious car ‘Mercedes-Benz W15’ made its debut, which helped them to become one of the leading brands in the automotive industry.

The 260 D Model, was the world’s first diesel-run passenger vehicle. By the 40s, the company stopped the production of vehicles due to the Second World War and then resumed activities in 1946 with the 170 V. During the 50s, they topped the sales charts in Germany by introducing some of their best looking cars, like the 190 and 300 SL.

The 1960s was the decade of muscle cars. In 1967, they introduced the Mercedes AMG as a separate high-performance division of the Mercedes-Benz. The first car introduced by the division was the famous 300SEL 6.3 V8 Saloon, which was given the name ‘Red Sow’.

During the 70s, they produced some successful cars like SL and SLC 107 series of cars, the G-Class and S-Class series, which are still in production. In the 1980s, they came out to be the first car manufacturing brand who took concern about environmental pollution. They introduced the closed-loop three-way catalytic converter to reduce overall car pollution.

In 1987, Mercedes-Benz introduced the 100 D 631 series and a year later the W201 Series 2 made its debut, which was a compact executive car with a sports sedan body style. In the 90s, the company introduced the G-Class Wagons and SUVs and numerous new models like the E-Class, C-Class, and S-Class series.

A new era in mechanical superior charging technology was introduced in the 2000s. The numerous groundbreaking designs and engineering concepts, such as the BlueTec system was released in 2005 and had the capability of reducing CO2 emissions.

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Mercedes benz Cars

A Used Mercedes-Benz Could Suit Everyone

Imagine a Mercedes-Benz. The chances are that you’re envisioning sweeping bodywork, a car that is ponderously regal in bearing and outside of the reach of all but the most bulging of wallets. Well think again, because whilst Mercedes-Benz is still a byword for luxury, the range of models on offer incorporates compact hatchbacks, stylish coupes and rather handsome SUVs.

Believe it or not, a Mercedes-Benz is even a viable family car. The A Class hatchbacks provide ample room for a small family, and easily adapt to commuting or extended journeys. The E Class is a luxury executive model that is at home doing the school run or visiting clients. For larger families the M Class or estate models are spacious enough to please everyone, whilst still retaining the dynamic visual appeal that we associate with a Mercedes-Benz badge.

The days of prohibitive costs are also over, as the price of a used Mercedes-Benz model offers substantial savings that will please even the leanest budget. With the vast array of models and engine options available there has never been a better time to find a used Mercedes-Benz that is both economical and suited to your lifestyle.

If you’ve always dreamed of owning a Mercedes-Benz then there’s no better time to invest. Whilst the economic crisis has crunched budgets across the country, the second hand car market is thriving, providing excellent savings on even a used Mercedes-Benz C Class Estate. Whether you’re a busy family with lots of school events and holidays planned, or an executive with meetings to attend, a used Mercedes-Benz will make you feel that every journey is one in the lap of luxury.

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Why Buying a Used Mercedes Car is a Great Investment

Mercedes-Benz is a German based manufacturer of luxury cars for sale. As an established name in the luxury car industry, it is possible to purchase one of their masterpieces as a form of investment you can enjoy now and in the future. Unlike other cars, it doesn’t lose its value as badly as cars of other make and model from other manufacturers. While the cost of getting a brand new Mercedes Benz can be really high, there is no reason why you should not settle for a used Mercedes Benz that would give you the same kind of status symbol a brand new Mercedes would give you.

Here are just some of the reasons why investing in a used Mercedes Benz is a great idea.

Market Value

The market value of a Mercedes is highly impressive and you can expect to retain its value especially if you purchased a used car. They are also likely to be converted into a classic car and this is one reason why getting one is a great investment.

Status Symbol

Mercedes Benz has been associated with status symbol and prestige and owning one clearly states your station in life loud and clear. Owning a Mercedes Benz with its high cost of maintenance has given its owner certain prestige and glamour that is exclusive to owners of these luxury cars. Mercedes Benz is the car driven by celebrities and then most successful and wealthy people around and those who are fortunate enough to own one clearly belongs to these successful group individuals.


The ride is pretty comfortable for the driver himself and the passengers alike if you have been riding in a Mercedes Benz you would never feel the same way riding in other cars. There is a certain level of comfort being in a Mercedes car that is simply irreplaceable and you need to experience it for yourself I you wish to exactly what I mean.


A Mercedes is a sheer work of beauty and art and embodies the latest technological and engineering feat. If you want a vehicle that looks good and gives you the high performance you are after, nothing beats a Mercedes Benz. Each model is a true beauty and embodies the finest masterpieces that would make any owner proud to own it.


They are highly durable and you can expect the car to last very long and it is often used as a classic car or a masterpiece that continue to rise in value with each passing year.


They are very safe and this is one of the biggest reasons a lot of people choose to invest in these beauties. It is made from very solid materials that can withstand impact and still preserve the fragile lives riding in one of the cars.

Historical Value

A Mercedes will always be a piece of history and owning one of your own serves as a sweet reminiscent of the old days where this car has graced the lives of the most powerful and influential people around.

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About Mercedes Benz Cars

Mercedes Benz, in 2006 launched a range of models, which were designed according to modern day requirements, while keeping to the original Mercedes Benz style and elegance. The original Mercedes Benz M-Class debuted in the year 1998. It was built in the U.S., at an engineering center near Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and was exported all over the world and Mercedes Benz certainly cashed in on this one.

The M-class features an elegant, sporty interior, with dynamic powertrains. It has a welded unibody construction frame, a technique that emphasizes high strength and low weight, and reduces the overall height and is a great Mercedes Benz investment.

Mercedes Used Car Auction: Although American car manufacturers hold auctions, which offer cheaper cars than many car manufacturers, Mercedes cars are more popular because of their good condition. Mercedes Benz auctions are conducted regularly. There are several types of Mercedes used car auctions. Customers can participate in these auctions through the Internet, in the comfort of their homes.

Shopping at an online auction is in fact very simple. All that customers have to do is set up an account, and then shop online following the directions on the website. Using the Internet offers customers in Canada access to car auctions all over the globe, including Toronto. Moreover, they can get hold of various facts about the Mercedes Benz cars on sale, such as the kind of model available, the mileage etc., and the facility of making a bid online

Mercedes used cars have recorded the maximum sales online. People prefer Mercedes cars over other technology and added glamor. Mercedes Benz is a great family car. It offers a smooth and quiet ride, plush interiors, and seats that are comfortable, with a lot of leg room. The reputation for quality and reliability has made Mercedes cars the most sought after in the market.

Besides, the Mercedes car dealers are known for their exceptional after-sales service. Dealers in Toronto guarantee to comply with any of their customer’s future car parts needs, with 100% authentic replacements. They also supply spare parts at competitive prices even if they’re difficult to find elsewhere. Furthermore, Mercedes used car companies take care to ensure all the customer’s requirements are fulfilled on time, and customs matters are dealt with efficiently. Obviously not everyone is considering buying a Mercedes Benz at first go because of the expensive price tag. This problem can be resolved if you look at the used car market or consider auto loans.

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Mercedes e class

Mercedes Used Cars – The E-Class Review

Mercedes-Benz used cars like the E-Class is there mid-range luxury sedan. Mercedes brought the E-Class to market in the 1960’s and is still making them after all these years. Mercedes has seven generations of E-Class vehicles to brag about. In 2003 the seventh generation was born and the automaker decided on two models. The E320 had a V6 powered engine and the E500 had a 5.0-litre, V8 engine. In 2004 Mercedes decided that it wanted to add the AMG package to the E-Class and so they added the E55 to the brand. This was a supercharged 5.5-litre, V8, 469 horsepower engine, with 516 pounds, per feet, of torque.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class used cars:

In 2005 Mercedes decided to add a diesel engine to the E-Class line up. This had a 3.2-litre, 201 horsepower engine, with 369 pounds, per feet, of torque. The model was known as the E320 CDI. Mercedes never seems to stop when it comes to improving their vehicles, so in 2006 they replaced the 3.2-litre, V6 engine with a 3.5-litre, 268 horsepower engine, with 258 pounds, per feet, of torque. They name this new car the E350.

In 2007 Mercedes-Benz used cars like the E280 were introduced and brought to market. They were powered by a 3.0-litre, V6, 228 horsepower engine, with 221 pounds, per feet, of torque. Also in 2007 Mercedes made a change to the E500 and this became the E550 because of the added power to the engine. They added a 382 horsepower engine, with 391 pounds, per feet, of torque. The E55 AMG package was change to the new E62 because of the new 6.2-litre, V8, 507 horsepower engine, with 465 pounds, per feet, of torque.

I could only find one stat for fuel consumptions. The 2007 E280 had a rating of 13/9.1l/ 100km for both city and highway driving.

Let’s talk some pros and cons with the E-Class.

  1. All the E-Class vehicles have received an average to below average rating for a used car. This also depends on the model.
  2. E-class vehicles are known for a rumbling sound when driving on bad pavement. This is because of the worn stabilizer bar links.
  3. The 2003 E-Class earned a four star rating for front and driver passenger protection.

I hope this helps if your thinking of buying a Mercedes E-Class used vehicle. Always remember to get the vehicle your thinking of buying checked by a well respected mechanic.

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Jaguar Sport Car

The Jaguar Sports Car

A review of The Jaguar Sports Car, covering development, important features, and technical data of each model in the range, from the SS100 to the E-Type.

In this Article, I offer a nostalgic look at the Jaguar Sports Car, one of an elite group of classic cars, which was manufactured during the period 1936 to 1974.

In 1922, the Swallow Sidecar Company was created. Its initial aim was to produce motorcycle sidecars, and then move into passenger cars, such as the Austin 7 Swallow.

In 1935, the company name was changed to Jaguar Cars, and the improved range of cars was called SS Jaguars.

The Jaguar SS100

The first real Jaguar sports car was the Jaguar SS100, built between 1936-1940. The “100” referred to the fact that it was capable of exceeding 100 mph, something almost unheard of at that time.

Following WW2, the twin overhead cam, straight 6-cylinder, Jaguar XK engine was created.

The Jaguar XK120

In 1948, it was decided to add the new engine to a sports car. The XK120 Jaguar sports car, with the XK engine, was the talk of the 1948 London Motor Show.

The XK120 was a two seater convertible, initially with aluminium panels. The “120” referred to this models top speed of 120 mph.

In 1950, an all-steel version became the norm. A fixed head coupe variant appeared in 1951, plus a drop head coupe in 1953. It used a 3.4 litre XK engine, with an aluminium cylinder head, a compression ratio of 8:1, and two SU carburettors.

In 1949, a prototype XK120 achieved an average speed of 133 mph on a Belgian motorway.

By 1954, when production of these Jaguar cars ended, 7,631 convertibles, 2,678 fixed head coupes, and 1,769 drop head coupes were built.

The Jaguar C-Type

In 1951, the C-Type Jaguar sports car was introduced. It was also designated the XK120-C, where the “C” referred to competition. It was, in essence, a racing car.

It incorporated an aerodynamically designed aluminium body built onto a lightweight tubular space frame chassis. The running gear was that from the XK120.

Its tuned 3.4 litre XK engine had its compression ratio raised to 9:1, but it retained the two SU carburettors.

The engine in later C-Types was fitted with high lift camshafts, and the two SU’s were replaced by three twin-choke Webber carburettors.

In total, there were 53 C-Types built. It was built for racing and, in 1951 and 1953, won the Le Mans 24 hour race.

The Jaguar D-Type

In 1954, Jaguar Cars introduced the D-Type Jaguar sports car.

Like the later versions of the C-Type, it used the 3.4 litre XK engine with three twin-choke Webber carburettors.

The structural design, however, was well ahead of its time. It used a monocoque structure with aluminium body panels, and an aluminium tubing sub frame. This produced a low drag, aerodynamic profile.

The D-Type Jaguar cars were designed for racing:

  • In 1954, a D-Type won the Sebring 12 hour race
  • It won the 1955 and 1956 Le Mans 24 hour race
  • In the 1957 Le Mans, D-Types took five of the top six places – this was the peak of its racing history

The Jaguar XK140

In 1954, the XK120 was succeeded by the XK140 Jaguar sports car.

There were minor styling changes on the new car. It was offered as a two seater convertible, a fixed head coupe, and a drop head coupe.

The standard engine was the XK 3.4 litre, with the special equipment modification as used on the XK120. The power was increased to 190 bhp.

The XK 3.4 litre engine, with the C-Type head (SE model), as used on the XK120, and developing 210 bhp, was offered as an optional extra.

The Jaguar XK150

In 1957, the XK140 was replaced by the XK150 Jaguar sports car. Like its predecessor, it was offered as a two seater convertible, a fixed head coupe and a drop head coupe.

A quick was to distinguish between the two Jaguar cars, XK140 and XK150, was that the latter used a one-piece windscreen, whilst the former used a split screen.

Both the suspension and chassis was as per the XK140, and the steering was rack and pinion.

The basic engine was the XK140 unit, with the C-Type head, producing 190 bhp. However, more common was the 3.4 SE unit, with C-Type head and larger exhaust valves, producing 210 bhp.

In 1958, the 3.4 “S” engine appeared, producing 250 bhp.

In 1960, the 3.4 litre engine was bored out to 3.8 litres, producing 220 bhp. In the 3.8″S” form, it developed 265 bhp.

When production of the XK150 ended in 1960, 2,265 convertibles, 4,445 fixed head coupes, and 2,672 drop head coupes of these fabulous Jaguar cars had been built.

The Jaguar E-Type

In 1961, the enigmatic E-Type Jaguar sports car was launched.

The Series 1 E-Type was powered by a 3.8 litre, triple SU carburetted engine used in the XK150S.

In 1964, the 3.8 litre engine was increased to 4.2 litres. The power and top speed from both these Jaguar cars was the same, although torque was increased.

Up to 1967, the Series 1 was easily recognised by its glass-covered headlights. It was offered as a two seater convertible, or a fixed head coupe. A 2+2 version of the fixed head coupe was available in 1966.

There was a transition series of Jaguar cars built from 1967-1968, between the Series 1 and Series 2 E-Types. This was referred to as the Series 1.5.

By 1968, 15,498 Series 1 3.8, 16,195 Series 1 4.2, and 6,726 Series 1.5 Jaguar cars were built.

In 1969, the Series 2 E-Type Jaguar sports car was introduced. It was easily distinguished from the Series 1 by the open headlights, and wrap-around rear bumper.

Once again, it was offered as a two seater convertible, a fixed head coupe, and a 2+2 variant. It was powered by the XK 4.2 litre engine fitted with three SU carburettors.

By 1971, 4,855 fixed head coupes, 8,628 convertibles, and 5,326 2+2 variants of these Jaguar cars were built.

In 1971, the Series 3 Jaguar E-Type launched. It was offered as a two seater convertible, and a 2+2 version, but the fixed head coupe variant was discontinued.

The Series 3 was powered by a new 5.3 litre, V-12 cylinder, double overhead cam, XK engine. It is easily identifiable by the distinctive front grille and fishtail exhaust.

I feel that the Series 3 was the most desirable of all the E-Types produced by Jaguar Cars.

By 1974, 7,990 convertibles, and 7,297 2+2’s were built.

This marked the end of the E-Type Jaguar sports car.

Perhaps this stroll down memory lane might have answered, or at least shed light on, a possible question:

“Which Jaguar Sports Car Is Your Favourite?”

However, should this question still remain unanswered, I will be reviewing, in some detail, in future articles within this website, the entire range of Jaguar sports cars which were featured in the memorable era spanning 1936 to 1974.

I hope you join me in my nostalgic travels “down sports car memory lane”.

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Jaguar Car

Jaguar Car Show & Vehicle History

Jaguar cars have been the pride of England for decades. The company was founded in Blackpool in 1922 and later moved its production plant to Coventry. Over the years, it went though a string of ownerships and is presently owned by the Indian based Tata motors.

The first jaguar cars were not an instant hit because of the small 2.5 liter engine, however, by the 50s Jaguar had steadily redesigned the cars and developed elegant sports cars and luxury saloons. Because of increasing competition from other luxury car manufacturers, Jaguar could not compete financially. Later in the 60s and 70s, Jaguar merged with British Motor Corporation, Austin Morris, Triumph, British Leyland and lately Tata.

Despite the stylish elegant cars, Jaguar has always been struggling financially. The dearth of luxury European cars made competition was difficult and Jaguar was never able to establish itself abroad. The chief reason was the lack of buyers.

In 1989, Ford took over the ownership and this relationship lasted till 2007. Many people wanted to buy the Jaguar ownership but not the combined Land Rover operations also run by Ford. Finally in 2008, Tata took over the entire company.

Jaguar has always made great cars. Known as the Mark IV and V, they were widely sold in the 40s and 50s. Over the years, the Mark series was improvised and the cars became more compact. After the Mark X, the XJ series was developed. Jaguar cars also became very successful on the racing circuit. Today, Jaguar cars are no longer on the racing circuit primarily due to costs.

The most elite car of the Jaguar cars carry the logo Vanden Plas or Daimler (rest of the world) on the number plates.

In 2000, Jaguar models included the C XF. The CX E and C XJ models are planned for 2010. Like all other car manufactures Jaguar has also been hit by the recession. Sales worldwide are down and the future at the moment is uncertain. The car will survive because it has a solid reputation of efficiency and power- the only question is how many will be produced each year.

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Lamborghini Car UAE Dream Car

Lamborghini – The Dream Car

It might be odd to think of farm equipment when one hears the word Lamborghini, but this is exactly what Lamborghini started out as – A farm equipment company called Lamborghini Trattori. The founder of the company was Ferruccio Lamborghini who in the 1960’s bought a Ferrari with the profits from his successful farm equipment company. Life changed for Lamborghini when he met Enzo Ferrari, the founder of Ferrari.

Ferruccio Lamborghini was a man that demanded high quality and he felt that his Ferrari was not meeting his expectations and he thought he could do better. He shifted his focus away from farm equipment and onto producing high performance automobiles.

The first real contender that they produced in the exotic car market was the Miura. The Miura was a mid engine, V-12 sports car that commanded a heft price tag of $20,000 which is equal to over $100,000 in today’s economy. During its 6 year production run, 764 Lamborghini Miura’s were built. Following on the success of the Miura was the highly successful Lamborghini Countach. This was the dream car for many from the mid 70’s to 1990 when production concluded. This car was beautiful and had aggressive styling that had never been seen before.

No one thought the Countach could be topped, but Lamborghini did it one more time and created the highly successful Lamborghini Diablo. From 1990-2001 almost 3000 Diablo’s were made and during their first year of production, a Diablo could be bought for $240,000 U.S. This was certainly not a luxury car and did not have many features for a car of it’s price. It did however have incredible performance. The V12 engine allowed it to go from -60mph in just over 4 seconds!

Following the success of the Diablo would be hard, but the Lamborghini Murcielago went even further at showing the world that Lamborghini was a serious contender in the exotic sports car world. It continued the tradition of aggressive styling and super high performance and added four-wheel-drive when it was released in 2001. To this day the Murcielago is produced with over 3000 of them already sold to their wealthy customers.

In 2003 Lamborghini introduced the Lamborghini Gallardo, which is a “cheap” Lamborghini, as compared with it’s more expensive sibling, the Murcielago. While the Murcielago costs about $315,000 U.S., the Gallardo is available at just over $200,000. Don’t think that you have to give up performance when buying a Gallardo and not a Murcielago though. The Lamborghini Gallardo is quite capable with a 0-60mph time of around 4 seconds, depending on which particular variation. Unfortunately the Gallardo doesn’t come with Lamborghini’s signature scissor doors that open upward, but this hasn’t hurt sales since the Gallardo is the high volume car that Lamborghini has ever made.

Over the years Lamborghini has suffered some financial problems and has been bought and sold a number of times and is currently owned by Audi, which is owned by Volkswagen. Lamborghini makes some of the most beautiful and sought after exotic cars available today and should be on everyone’s list of favorite exotic car makers.

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Lamborghini Car UAE

Some Interesting Facts About Lamborghini

The technology behind each Lamborghini masterpiece is said to be a beast. From its unique aerodynamic features and looks, it comes to no surprise that most sports car enthusiasts prefer the exotic car brand. Almost everybody dreams of owning one.

If you’ve ever been to any place in the UAE, you’ll immediately notice their culture for luxury cars, including Lamborghinis. But there are many features to consider, like the most advanced safety options, entertainment technology, and customization.

Interesting Lamborghini Facts

Known for their exotic cars, Lamborghinis have been praised from the engine, to the body. It was first started to build better cars than Ferrari’s infamous vehicles. If you’re planning to buy your own Lambo, here are some interesting facts you should know.

1. Lamborghini was a master mechanic.

Most people consider Ferruccio Lamborghini as the original Tony Stark. He was stationed on an isolated island during WWII for the Italian Royal Air Force as a vehicle maintenance supervisor. Because it was difficult to secure parts, Lamborghini cobbled together scraps to keep his machines running.

2. The first Lamborghinis were tractors.

He used his WWII experience to put together tractors out of spare parts. From there, Lamborghini officially started his business, and people loved his products. Today, Lamborghini Trattori operates under a different company, but are still designed by the same firm that created the Gallardo and the Maserati MC12.

3. Ferrari’s mean customer service.

Ferruccio actually owned a Ferrari 250GT back in the days. He wanted a replacement for his clutch, so he went to the Maranello headquarters. After asking Enzo Ferrari, the reply he got was, “You’re just a silly tractor manufacturer, how could you possibly know anything about sports cars?” Four months later, he released Lamborghini 350GTV.

4. Current model with scissor doors.

Murcielago is the only current model with scissor doors. These rotate up and forward on a hinge, near the front of the door. The Countach, the Diablo and the Murcielago all have scissor doors, but the Gallardo does not. Both the Countach and the Diablo are no longer being produced.

5. No less than a V8 engine.

Most of the Lamborghini models throughout the history of the company have come with the legendary Lamborghini V12 engine. The newest model, Gallardo, only has V10. No Lamborghini have ever been produced with less than a V8 since production of the Silhouette stopped in 1989.

6. The fastest Lamborghini

The fastest Lamborghini is the Le Mans version of the Murcielago R-GT model. It has a top speed of 370 km/h. Meanwhile, the fastest street model from Lamborghini is the Murcielago LP640, which has an estimated top speed of 340 km/h. Both of the models have a V12 engine with more than 6000 cc.

Lamborghini Dubai Service Center

The Lamborghini line is divided into two segments, Gallardo and Murcielago. Maintenance ranges heavily based on what you select. Specialists recommend that you change the oil and oil filter every 7500 miles. The cost of new transmission could cost you 180-200K Dirhams.

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luxury cars collection

Owning A Luxury Car – Why You Should Be Careful

Everybody who drives would like to be behind the wheel of a luxury car. Luxury brands like Mercedes Benz, Porsche and Audi manufacture vehicles that have high quality features and are extremely pleasing to the senses. These are not the only manufacturers of luxury cars. Companies like Hyundai and Toyota also have high end luxury models. Associating luxury brands with a name like Mercedes Benz is still an American fixation, but world over that is slowly changing. Manufacturers build a range of vehicles from economy to luxury, and people are learning to recognize luxury as separate from the brand name.

Having said this much about luxury vehicles, to own one still is a distant dream for most, unless you do the math, buy one on a hefty loan and sell it in a few years’ time when the market value is still appreciable. Another option is buying pre-owned luxury cars which are in good condition. Finding a company that not only sells you the luxury cars, but provides related services like shipping, certifying the cars, giving warranties on them as well as attractive service contracts, financing assistance, these would make the entire project more meaningful.

Prices come at a fraction of the current model price – with the models being up to ten years old. For example, a 2007 Acura TL is available for around 7,500 USD, while the current 2017 model is priced at close to 35,000 dollars at a dealer’s showroom. Acura is the brand name for Japan’s Honda manufactured cars. Most cars have run low mileage and are in good condition, though it would be worth reminding a buyer that low mileage is not exactly a good thing. A car should always be in running condition. But the thing with luxury cars is it is taken out only on special occasions when there is the option of a second car. This is the reason most luxury cars for resale have low mileage.

Here are some things to consider while buying a used luxury car

· Get an inspection done by an expert. This may cost money, but it is worth it because there are chances that the vehicle was damaged sometime in the past and that is why it was sold.

· Pick a dealership wisely. Every dealership has its own standards of the kind of used cars it will stock and sell, just as a manufacturer has his or her own standards for the product manufactured. Compare among a couple of dealers and don’t only go for the lower priced one because of just that – a low price- sometimes a low price doesn’t mean it’s a good deal.

· Do your research on the model, when it was released, what were the customer reviews? You can get the car’s VIN number and check with for any accident previously. You can ask the dealer to help you with this.

Once you have taken care of these three factors and are satisfied with the car, go ahead, and get behind the wheel of that luxury car. Problems may arise, but they can be solved and there is no high like sitting on a custom made soft leather seat in the opulent expanse of your new luxury car.

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